Portraits of plants

The plants described here by using some keywords have been selected according to very subjective criteria.
Yet, despite their differences, they still share some common aspects ...

One common element is, that all oft these plants, for different reasons, are particularly interesting above all for children. That might be because of an unusual leaf shape, form of bloom or fruit, a name that sounds puzzling and of course due to certain properties and applications of the respective plant.

It should be noted, that in most cases the pictures are unfortunately not suitable to determine the exact species. In many cases there are not only very many species, but also quite a range of cultivated varieties (cultivars). Hence a precise identification is usually only possible, if additional details are taken into consideration in particular with specific applications of the respective plant.

You can find experience-oriented information, which plants can be used particularly well in a garden for children in the book "Gärten für Kleinkinder": Organization of a garden area, garden use, garden maintenance and much more (see Publikationen/publications; in German only).

Translation into English with the support by Andreas Lentfer. Thank you!