Malus spp.

preview hoep 00015 malus domestica apfel„The apple tree is everywhere and everyone well-known. There are so many different forms of it that it is impossible, to tell from all to and describe all.“ (translated by H. Ö.).“

This statement in the book of herbs from Tabernaemontanus (1731) is still valid, even if the diversity of cultivars meanwhile strongly decreased. While there were thousands of different apple varieties with large and exciting flavor differences around 1880, there are today even in large nurseries just 30 to 40 varieties available to plant - a tendency to fall. The supply of the supermarkets shrinks to five or six varieties of apples that are grown and marketed worldwide. Farmer's markets often offer the last chance, at least still know a few of the old and often very valuable varieties of apple, and to help prevent their complete disappearance.