Nasturtium officinale

preview hoep 00017 nasturtium officinale brunnenkresseLike many other marsh and aquatic plants the watercress grows long shoots that are rooted in the gritty bottom of a stream or a ditch in the mud again and again and therefore can anchor well even with stronger currents. The mostly dark green, feathery leaves and the light tendril-like branches of the hollow stalks help to distinguish the plant from other aquatic plants. The leaves either float on the surface or grow up to 12 inches in height. Flowers and seeds are formed particularly at sunnier places.

In humid forests and along small streams with good water quality one can find watercress, usually without too much effort and collect the tasty spice plant – this is assuming that the plant can be identified beyond any doubt. This is not just for children an exciting and delightful affair.

You should try especially the young, bright green leaves of the upper stem region because they are tender and taste the best. The blooms can be eaten too.