Wild rose

Rosa spp.

preview hoep 00022 rosa wildrose hagebuttenRoses are not only valuable ornamental plants, but also offer the possibility of using blooms and fruits in the kitchen. Especially the hips, the fruits of various wild roses, and many garden varieties are more interesting for children than the blooms. This has probably something to do with that rose hips can be very different depending on the kind of rose. There are various fruits in reds, oranges and browns. Also, they vary in shape, from pea to walnut size and lengthwise oval and pear-shaped.

The most common and best known use constitutes the rosehips tea, for which all types of rosehips are suitable. Mainly species such as the bright pink flowering dog rose (Rosa canina) and the slightly darker flowering alpine rose (Rosa pendulina) are used. The fruits can be used fresh and dried.