Allium schoenoprasum

preview hoep 00002 allium schoenoprasum schoenoprasum schnittlauchPlants having a sharp or bitter taste are often rejected by children - with one exception: chives. Interestingly enough, it is even one of their favourite plants in many cases. Even two or three-year-old children often demonstrate their preference for this plant.

Although the herbaceous growing chives is one of the most inconspicuous species of the genus Allium, it gained people’s attention quite early due to its spicy aroma. In Europe, the plant is used at least since the early Middle Ages as a culinary herb. Over time the German language developed some very descriptive names for it: Graslauch and Binsenlauch (because of the dark green bins like leaves), Jacobzwiebel (because onions=Zwiebel were harvested around 25 of July, the St. Jakob day in the old days), Schnittling and Suppenlauch (often used for soups). Meanwhile, the main designation has generally been chives, and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know this herb.