Portraits of animals

Perhaps these small animals  portraits will make you curious - and help when you come across some of them again ...

For an exact determination of the species the pictures are unfortunately not suitable in most cases. Especially small animals can be found in many species which are very similar and hence can be mixed up easily. Those cases can only be determined considering several details.

Further interesting details on distribution, their way of living and resulting consequences of these and many other animals you will find in my book "Kinder lieben kleine Tiere" (see Publikationen/publications; in German only).

Translation into English with the support by Andreas Lentfer. Thank you!

Activities of a squirrel

An unknown, closed box is wakening the curiosity of a squirrel. What the heck is in it? It might be just a simple box but is it possible to open it? It is astonishing how clever this animal acts to uncover the secret.