Southern Hawker or Blue Darner

Aeshna cyanea

preview hoet 00001 aeshna cyanea blaugruene mosaikjungferThe spread wings - typical for all dragonflies - indicate a very fine veined structure in highly transparent skin surfaces, in which only one black area is noticeable, the Pterostigma. Typical for this species are two broad, egg-shaped and apple-green spots on the chest as well as the blue-green spotted abdomen, with almost completely blue colored segments at its end. – Attention: That does only apply to male animals, the female do not show any blue color.

The Southern Hawker is not rare. It is found in a wide range of waters, from small garden ponds to lakes. Contrary to all other dragonflies you can find it even on shady forest aisles, without any pools and ponds. But only the females, the males ones prefer sunny places.