A species of hoverfly

Temnostoma vespiforme

preview hoet 00059 temnostoma vespiforme wespen moderholzschwebfliegeThere are numerous different species of insect showing a distinct wasp mimicry providing protection from predators. Most of these animals are completely harmless for us – and this species as well.

This animal belongs to the insect family hoverflies (Syrphidae). The adults are often seen hovering or nectaring on flowers. Its flight is characterized by only short distances flown including very abrupt turns. Again and again the insect seems to stop in mid-air with buzzing wings.

This species of hoverflies prefers moist leafy and mixed forests. The main part of its german name („Moderholzschwebfliege“) is derived from the nourishment of the larvae. They consume a wide range of decaying and soft wood (maple, oak, lime tree and other one). The adults stay mainly with blossoms of different shrubs and perennial flowers.