Large Marsh Grasshopper

Stetophyma grossum

preview hoet 00054 stetophyma grossum sumpfschreckeThe Large Marsh Grasshopper loves damp meadows and ditches, marshy soils, brook banks and similarly moist areas. In the Alps one can find it sometimes even beyond 2 000 metres (about 6 500 ft). The adult animals (Imagines) are active from June to the end of October and particularly frequently found at the borders of cultivated meadows and fallows. Obviously small-scale structures and a mosaic agricultural use are very important to this insect.

The Large Marsh Grasshoppers belongs to the group of the bandwings or bandwinged grasshoppers. The animal becomes particularly attractive due to its sometimes bright wine-red colouring, which stays in a remarkable contrast to the green yellow longitudinal strip at the front edge of the forward wings.