Burgundy Snail or Edible Snail

Helix pomatia

preview hoet 00032 helix pomatia weinbergschnecke paarungBy the width of the spherical shell of 30–50 mm Burgundy Snail is the largest terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in Europe. Its average life span amounts to 6 years but animals in captivity can live significantly longer. In any case, a calcareous substrate is important because the animals have to take up lime for the building of the shell regularly.

Reproduction of these hermaphoditic animals in central Europe occurs from end of May onwards. First of all, the partners touch and lick each other in an upright posture. Only after a pause, which interrupts this love-scene, one of the two animals shots the so-called love dart and transmits the sperms (via spermatophore) at to the partner. After a second pause the activity changes and the other animal transmits its sperms. Some weeks later eggs are laid in clutches of 40-65 eggs by both animals. These round whitish eggs are laid in self-made hollows which will be closed later by loose soil.