Striped Hawk-moth

Hyles livornica

preview hoet 00033 hyles livornica linienschwaermerThe Striped Hawk-moth is basically a butterfly of the tropics and subtropics. As migrant butterfly some individual animals come also to Europe. The striking and very specific pattern and coloration of its wings and its body and the white tips of its feelers (antennae) make it almost distinctive.

While the caterpillars remain closely tied to particular food plant having once accustomed, the butterflies are obviously not very picky and feel attracted by numerous different plants. They especially prefer purple and blue flowering plants such as petunia, verbena, valerian, gentian, plumbago (as shown), from whose blossoms they suck nectar like hummingbirds.

Also their eggs are laid by the butterflies in various plants: sorrels, Common Knotgrass, plantains, fuchsia, snapdragons, Privet, asparagus, willowherbs, bedstraws, creepers, Purple loosestrife and spurges, in the southern countries also Common Grape Vine, brooms, Olive Tree, eucalypts, acacias and many other more.